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This is the home of The Arts Collective (TAC), a group for Exhibiting Artists in Australia.

Art Lovers
Come and enjoy all the beautiful Art on display here!
If you want to buy Art - in this gallery you know that every cent of the price goes back to the Artist, to support them to make more art! Other galleries take anywhere between 25%-50% of the price of the art work, which inevitably means higher prices to you - money that supports the middleman and not the Artist!
In the Gallery you can see all art "For Sale".
The Artists section displays the artist Profiles as well as their entire uploaded portfolio.

To Artists
TAC is a collective of artists who want to exhibit. Why not join and gain the benefits.
This gallery is our online space where members display their entire portfolio - For Sale or not.There are no fees of any sort.

Next Event
Change Exhibition, July 8th