The Arts Collective


The Arts Collective (TAC) is an unincorporated association.
Membership of TAC is different from membership of the Brisbane Arts Collective Facebook page.
If you wish to know more about becoming a member of the Collective please click HERE

Mission Statement
'There is no bad art; all art is good in context'
All children are born wanting to express and impress themselves on the world, and art is an avenue for the expression of that urge.
It is a glue that binds people from diverse backgrounds, a balm that massages mental health and creates social cohesion.
There is a wide gulf between a small group of artists who share the lime light of success, and thousands of artists, equally creative, struggling to gain some kind of recognition.
Our vision is to support the artistic community as a whole, to help them achieve their goals in an inclusive way.
Starting with providing an avenue for artists to display their works, we aim to provide an environment where art can be nurtured. Our goal is to become a leading source of studio space, workshops, exhibitions and our own gallery, that support the aspirations of the wider artistic community in Brisbane and the wider South East.

This website is open for TAC members to display their works in The Gallery.
The Exhibition Gallery is used as a curation tool for exhibitions.

TAC encourages linking to The Gallery and Artist Profiles on this site.
Feel free to publish the links to your own profile area (your entire portfolio) and to the Gallery areas - "For Sale" items. Use or other URL shorteners to create a more user-friendly link.

The Gallery should be considered as a Selling platform for your art, with no Commissions being charged.
It is Your responsibility to manage your customer interactions with regard to Cash and Delivery, and Honesty and professionalism.
Any actions that reflect badly on BAC will result in permanent banning.

TAC reserves the right to refuse to display any work on any medium or genre here, that is determined to be unsuitable by TAC. Such works will be deleted from the site.
A reason for the decision may or may not be given. Issues that may cause such removal will include anything of an antisocial nature, is potentially libelous, racist, sexist, pornographic, of bad taste or judged to be of extremely poor quality. This list is not inclusive. If TAC comes to the conclusion that any artist is engaging in any activity detrimental to this safe artistic environment, then they will be banned from the system. IP addresses will be monitored. Banning is permanent.

TAC accepts no responsibility for any losses of any description caused by errors that may occur in the software, and provides no warranties as to the suitability of it for your purposes.