Judith Edwards-White

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Judith is a self-taught painter and scratchboard artist. She has always had a love of art, her favourite subjects being domestic animals and wildlife with floral and still-life a close second.

It was not until leaving her full-time secretarial position that Judith took a more serious interest in painting and then, when browsing the internet, she discovered scratchboard art and has become totally addicted to this art form ever since.

Judith became one of Australia's first two designated Master Scratchboard Artists when a set of initial Master members (MSA) were juried into the ISSA (International Society of Scratchboard Artists) by a panel of three outside jurors (all highly esteemed professional artists themselves. At this present time (2023) Judith is proud to be the only MSA in Queensland with there currently being a total of three in Australia.

Judith's scratchboard works are in private collections in the USA, Canada, United Kingdom, New Zealand, China, Netherlands and Australia. She is an award winning artist and has been a published artist since 2006 with her painting and scratchboard art featured in Aus. Fine Art & Decorative Painting, Aus. Artist's Palette, Aus. Artist, Aus. Drawing & Inspiration, Aus. Creative Artist, Aus. Country Craft & Aus. How to Paint...Pet Magazine.

WHAT IS SCRATCHBOARD???? Scratchboard is a masonite panel covered with Kaolin clay and India ink. Different tools such as an Xacto knife, scalpel, tattoo needles and fibreglass brush can be used to remove the black ink to create the image underneath. If the use of colour is desired, inks can be added to the exposed white areas or the board can be left black and white.
An interesting quote by another artist about the medium:- Scratchboard - "an unglamorous name for beautiful art".

IT IS NOT A PHOTO - scratchboard is a complex and time consuming medium and large pieces can take hundreds of hours to complete.

PLEASE NOTE: I use Ampersand "Scratchbord" made in the USA for all of my work which enables the finest detail to be created.