Kath McCann

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Kath.Artique : Art for wellbeing

Creating is the means by which I channel and transform emotion and a whirlwind of thoughts. It is a place for calm, for quietening and for peace. It is this place that I aspire to share through my artwork.

Like many artists, the calling to create has resonated for me since early childhood. Life meandered through many paths and it wasn’t until midlife that I stepped into the courage to embrace and nurture this dream.

I work in acrylic, watercolour and coloured pencil, producing works on paper and canvas. My work is primarily intuitive and has roots in neurographic art, cartography and biomorphic art.

My work aims to characterise the nurturing of mind, body, soul and spirit. I enjoy exploring the duality of the inner experience of existence and the external presence in the world. I’m interested in the way we live with what is real and what is imagined, perceived or created.

My works employ the concept of looking from above: positioning both the artist and audience for a fresh perspective on relationships with ourselves, with humanity and with nature.
References to cartography overlay shape, shade and symbols. Just as the creation of maps invariably incorporates multiple cultural, social, and political dimensions, these pieces consider our view of the world as a whole and where we fit into it.