Patricia Muggeridge


Painting, music, gardening, textiles, dancing, and photography, have been a joy filled thread of creativity throughout my life.
Growing up in New Zealand, my love for art, nature and animals, was nurtured by my family, and the surrounding environment of Mt Taranaki.

In the year 2000 my husband and I, with our children, relocated to Brisbane Australia. Living alongside the beautiful landscape and wildlife, it was then, about 2010 I became inspired to begin painting. I started with acrylics and continue to develop my technique, in mixed media with a passion toward oils, and its application.

In 2018 I was invited to paint live, and exhibit artwork at the Commonwealth Games held at Surfers Paradise, Gold Coast.

April 2022 I commenced study with the Milan Art Institute and enrolled in the Mastery Program, to elevate my art and build a career, as a professional artist.

My intention is to experience life-art, in an authentic way, painting intuitively, based on what feels to be true, instinctive, and causes my soul to soar.
I am enjoying the discovery and exploration of my style, and hope, this reflects in my artwork for many to enjoy.

Website: blue link above.