Eva Dowling


I am primarily an abstract artist.
I am largely a self-taught artist. I began my painting journey in the early 1990’s under the instruction of Barbara Connor, a Sydney artist of some renown. At this time, I painted mostly with watercolours and pastels. Barbara was a significant influence in my early works, and it was here my style emphasised detail and realism.
When I moved to Brisbane circumstances of life, including working fulltime and raising two children, meant there was little time for painting. So, for a period of 10 years, I set aside my paint brushes to deal with life.

It was 2016 when I first started using acrylic paints. I love the flexibility and colour range of acrylic paints and its ability to create texture particularly if I use a pallet knife rather than paint brushes. I now produce a range of abstract art where colour, shape, texture, and line form an important part of my works. In most instances, I find my paintings evolve as the paint hits the canvas. The next step in my paintings often depends on what is already happening on the canvas. Colour and the balance of shape, line, mark making and texture tend to influence the next step and ultimately the finished piece of work.

I love the freedom of abstract painting.